We’re Getting Married


Jill Townsend, talented daughter of Wanda and Larry "Merv" Townsend, was born in Parsons, TN. Being born in a small town can lead to a big imagination; this is evident to anyone that knows Jiller. As a child she was a master of practical jokes. As an adult she is the master of many instruments. Not to mention her culinary arts have come a long way since that first meatloaf she made me early in our relationship. I'm convinced she can do anything she sets her mind to. A remarkable, creative, big-hearted soul. - MB


Michael W. Bunch, son of Royce and Paula Bunch, was born in Glasgow, KY, and in 2006 became a Kentucky Colonel. He was a quiet, mannerly (and at times mischievous) boy with an interest in photography and ghosts. After graduating with a degree in photojournalism, he did much traveling outside the U.S. before making his way to Nashville. Adventurous and inventive, the likable Michael loves boating, the outdoors, and music. A Mr. Fix It, he once even glued my toenail back on. He's also a champion at puns. - JT


We're running off to New Orleans to get married, but our reception is in Nashville, and you're invited!


We will be married in New Orleans on April 2nd. The ceremony will take place in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square in the French Quarter. Since this will be a small ceremony consisting of only close family and friends, and we would love to celebrate with everyone back at home when we return, we are hosting the reception at our house in Nashville.


We hope you will join us at our home for a backyard party to celebrate! There will be eats, drinks and sweets. This is a casual soirée, so no need for fancy attire. The party starts at 6:30pm, dinner will arrive at 7:30pm.


Address :: 3919 Baxter Ave., Nashville, TN 37216
You can park in the back lot of the Inglewood Baptist Church (corner of Oak St. and Baxter Ave.) Our house is a short stroll from there. In the event of inclement weather, the event will be moved indoors.

We sure hope so! Please let us know if you'll be able (or unable) to party with us.


We love to travel. Experiences have always been much more important to us than possessions. In lieu of a traditional gift registry, we will only have a "honeymoon fund." Our honeymoon has been one of the most exciting parts of our wedding events to plan, and we have looked forward to it for quite some time. If you would like to help us fund this trip of a lifetime, we would be sincerely grateful for your contribution. But remember that your presence and well wishes will be the best gifts of all!



This photo is the first time I ever saw Michael. My first job post-college was at Journal Communications in Franklin, TN. Shortly after starting, I was labeling photos from the office's Halloween dress-up day and came across a very cute Ghostbuster. I thought, "Who is THAT?" The first time we ever locked eyes was much later, at opposite ends of a very long table during after-work drinks for a co-worker's last day. - JT


I don't often buy into fate but this is almost too good to be a coincidence. I was selling a guitar amp; she answered my ad. We exchanged a few emails, and she was supposed to come take a look. But she never showed. She says a friend who was to accompany her bailed, but maybe it just wasn't quite the right time ... A few months later she was looking through her inbox, when my name struck a chord (see pun reference in bio). Turns out we worked at the same company and had no idea we'd almost met before. - MB


Eventually, we became acquaintances at work. He was planning his annual Halloween party and asked me if my band would play along with Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power. I said sure! Problem was, I wasn't currently in a band, we had recently played our final show. But I really liked this guy, so I quickly got a band together with two friends in just a few weeks. We performed in a shed behind his house, and I don't think he had any idea that the band was created just for it. - JT


We worked on The Big Island, on a coffee plantation/B&B owned by a cooky German couple. There were peacocks, parrots and farm animals. I cooked breakfast for guests. Michael weed-whacked. We hitchhiked to snorkeling spots, watched an active volcano, drove to the top of Mauna Kea. The only thing less than incredible was the food poisoning we once got. We didn't have a car, and though Michael could barely walk, he climbed a huge hill and limped down the road to get medicine for me. I'll never forget that. - JT


Desiring more travel, we drove up to Boston to housesit and take care of two greyhounds, three cats, two doves, four fish, and one hideous dolphin sink. We've both always been drawn to cities with a rich history and old towns with stories. We went spent St. Patrick's Day with Black 47, skied on Walden Pond, watched a Revolutionary War battle reenactment, visited many historical sites and old cemeteries, etc. We also saw some amazing music (The Pogues, Fleetwood Mac, Gene Ween Band). It still remains one of our favorite places. - MB


After steering clear of Bonnaroo for almost a decade, and for no reason, we decided to brave the brutal summer heat in search of more music. And hippies. Since most of my camping items are for backpacking, we survived as minimalists; about all we took was a two-person (and that's generously stated) bivy sack, a few changes of clothes, a tiny grill, some sunscreen, and a cooler. It was clear to other campers that we were 'Roo amateurs. But I'm convinced we had more fun than all of them combined. So much in fact, that we've been back nearly every year since. Just with more gear. - MB


We bought a house in East Nashville with a big fenced-in backyard and could finally get a dog. This 7-month-old Whippet puppy found his way into our lives. Michael always said if he ever had a son, he'd name him after Ichabod Crane from his favorite childhood story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Being that it's a terrible name for a child, I urged him to give that name to our dog. We call him "Ichy" for short. He enjoys sleeping, quick laps in the yard, sleeping, eating cheese, and sleeping. - JT


After months of looking for the perfect way to propose, I decided I'd do it in Texas. Austin City Limits Festival seemed like the perfect cover for the bigger plan I had in mind. Upon arrival (after nearly missing our flight) we went to Salt Lick BBQ, then drove to Lake Travis where I had a boat reserved. Just before it was time to return the boat, I devised a ridiculous camera setup and pretended I wanted a shot of us on the lake. Little did she know, it was shooting video and captured my proposal. Some think she knew what was about to happen all along. But she really was completely oblivious. The perfect plan. The perfect day. - MB


Don't Miss It!


We can't wait to celebrate with you! Will you be coming to our Nashville reception? Whether you'll be able to attend or not, please let us know as soon as you can.